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Best Natural Stone Interior Design in Dubai

Since ancient times, natural stones for wall cladding have been considered a famous architectural building material. It sets a very regal, vintage mood for its surroundings. Previously, complex substances like wood or stones were used for cladding because of their strength and toughness, but in today’s world, there is a wide variety of substances to choose from, like glass, cement, concrete, timber, metal, brick, and stones, etc.

As wall cladding requires toughness and resistance against harsh weather conditions, we highly recommend using Natural Stones.

This article covers everything you need about natural stones for wall cladding. Different natural stones and reasons to pick them are discussed below.

Why Should You Use Natural Stones for Wall Cladding? 

Many homeowners use natural stones for wall cladding for a natural and attractive look. But apart from the looks, there are certain reasons for choosing natural stones, which we’ve discussed below.

Visual Appearance

Natural stones for wall cladding are visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing with a vast diversity of colours, textures, and patterns. Stones are versatile, flexible, and easily adjusted to their surroundings. Stonewall gives a more organic and natural feel to your area of application. It perfectly complements any mood you prefer.

If you want a more traditional look for your living room, you can go for the light colour palette and warm tones for a more vintage vibe to the area. But if you’re more into setting a modern look, we’d recommend using darker shades for your walls. The stone adds intensity to the area of application and helps to give a more compact look.

Enhances the Value of Your Property

Natural stones for wall cladding may quickly be built at budgeted rates, but they are unique and enhance the overall value of your property. They never go out of fashion and always help make your house stand out. Natural Stones walls bring a sense of luxury with them that enhances the overall value of your property. Why do you think all Monuments and Castles are built using Natural Stones? Because it simply adds value and luxury to them.

Provides Insulation 

Natural Stones are very popular for their incredible resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are considered ideal for weather extremities. Stone generally absorbs and stores heat. It is not only an excellent thermal insulator, but thick stone walls also keep out noise. If you live in a high-traffic area and are looking to keep the noise and heat out, Natural Stone wall cladding would be the best choice for you.


For their quality, Natural Stones for wall cladding have proved to be an excellent value for money. Stones are famous worldwide for their high resistance and longevity, meaning that with little maintenance, these stones can last very long.

On top of that, the initial instalment of these stone wall claddings is relatively easy and can be done without additional labour costs. With minimal maintenance costs, these stone walls can serve their purpose for a long time without deteriorating. Any stain marks left on the surface of these stones can be washed with water. If taken proper care of, these natural stones for Wall cladding would rarely ever lose their colour or texture.

Strength and Durability 

Natural Stones for wall cladding are generally known for their durability and strength. They have extremely high resistance against harsh weather conditions, are frost-resistant, and are non-slippery. If properly maintained, Natural Stones can withstand all conditions and last a lifetime. Because of the toughness of stones, natural stones for wall cladding can be installed in indoor and outdoor settings.


Natural Stones come in a wide variety. You can quickly think of a vibe for your living room and get a stone wall built that perfectly complements the surroundings. Natural Stones can be carved into different shapes, colours and sizes.

Lighter colours are mostly preferred for wall claddings in areas where the piece of land is comparatively smaller. It reflects light and creates a sense of added space. On the other hand, darker tones are preferred for a more extensive application area to give it a more compact look.

The best part about these natural stones is that there are no identical slabs, giving the area more texture, colours, and variety.

Apart from wall cladding, there are different ways to incorporate Stones in your homes that you might consider.

5 Beautiful Natural Stones for Wall Cladding

Natural stones are considered to be the toughest stones for wall cladding. However, there’s always a debate as to which one you should choose, wall cladding stones or wall cladding tiles. It is recommended to use natural stones for wall cladding as they offer durability, variety, and all the other factors which we’ve discussed above.

So, here we are with the list of the best natural stones for wall cladding that will completely transform the look of your wall.

1. Sandstone

One of the most popular natural stones used for wall cladding. Speaking about its durability, strength, variety, and other factors, this natural stone has it all. With a ribbed finish, this natural stone gives a contemporary look to any wall. Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls, sandstone wall cladding must be on top of your list. You can explore our beautiful Classic Wall Covering Collection consisting of different wall cladding patterns.

2. Limestone

If you are looking for a classy and sophisticated finish, Limestone would be the perfect choice for you. The darker tones of limestone wall cladding are preferred over others as this shade offers a bold and sophisticated touch to your walls. This natural stone also provides excellent durability, strength, and other factors you are looking for.

3. Marble

This natural stone has proved its robustness and durability through some great examples, including the Taj Mahal and the Humayun’s Tomb. So, the marble would be an excellent choice for wall cladding if you want a strong and durable solution.

4. Granite

Granite is the most robust natural stone on this list regarding exterior wall cladding. This natural stone adds value to your home in terms of look and robustness. However, with time, Granite might fade, and you will have an outdated look on your walls.

5. Slate

If you want your walls to look stylish, we would recommend installing Black Slate Cladding on your walls. The less popular and underrated choice for wall cladding. But when it comes to the gorgeous looks, Slate is one of the best choices.


Natural Stones for Wall cladding are especially significant because they add colour and enhance your home’s overall exterior and interior. Wall Claddings have been popular for a long time now, and with the use of a variety of Natural Stones, they are only increasing in demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any doubt or confusion regarding natural stones for wall cladding, these frequently asked questions, along with the answers, might clarify your queries.

Q1. Which stone is good for wall cladding?

Wall cladding is a type of decorative wall covering made of natural stones. You can use Sandstone, Limestone, Marble, Slate, and other natural stones. However, it is recommended to use Sandstone and Limestone for stone wall cladding.

Q2. What is natural stone cladding?

A decorative and thin layer of natural stone is used as a cladding on the interior and exterior walls. Natural stone cladding brings an aesthetic look to your space.

Q3. Is sandstone good for exterior walls?

Yes, sandstone is an excellent choice for exterior wall cladding. The durability and robustness it offers are matchless.

Q4. Is stone cladding expensive?

Stone cladding is a cost-effective wall covering solution. The quality and look of natural stone cladding make them stand out from the rest. But that doesn’t mean they are of poor quality.

Best Natural Stone Interior Design in Dubai

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