Pacific Grey marble bathroom cladding – Large formats

Pacific grey marble bathroom cladding provides uniqueness and distinction in equal parts.

The project we are going to see in this article is a creation by Sands Villas, specialist in the design of luxury villas in Marbella.

Pacific Grey marble as opposed to the typical and topical

The Pacific Grey marble is a natural stone with very light grey tones and subtle white veins. However, its composition draws brocatels capable of generating a beautiful game of contrasts alternating portions in pearl gray and anthracite gray tones.

Pacific Grey can show the most luminous face of nature and its most groundbreaking aesthetics simultaneously. It is an ideal alternative to the cream or white marbles traditionally used for bathroom cladding

Large format for an enveloping effect

This Pacific Grey marble cladding for the bathroom uses a large format to create a wrap-around effect throughout the room. The large panels of Pacific Grey feature Stonesize technology to minimize the number of joints and obtain large sizes by drastically reducing weights and increasing strength. Revestimiento de mármol Gris Pacífico para el baño - Pacific Grey marble bathroom cladding The shower area has double niche equipment which offers storage space inside the shower and avoids the installation of shelves or other materials that can corrode when in constant contact with water. From an aesthetic point of view, the niche breaks the vertical uniformity of the wall, adding an element that embellishes while maintaining the clean lines. Overall, we achieved a unique bathroom with a contemporary design without renouncing the use of a noble and traditional material such as marble.

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