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  • Installation

    If needed, all pieces are subjected to a pre-installation dry run in our production facility as a final check before shipping. When strictly necessary, we pre-mount Natural Stones (marble/Granites) on special lightweight panels to speed up and simplify installation on site.
    Our specialist team of installers guarantee flawless installation even in the most challenging situations.

    The company provides services in the design and production of stainless steel fixing systems for natural stone installation and a variety of products used in construction. The company’s objective is to assist and advise its clients in choosing. The most suitable fixing systems for their requirements and to provide them with quality production and supply with timely Deliveries.

    AL SHAM STONE has dedicated itself to supplying its clients with easy to Use, secure and economical fixing systems. Along with this Principle, AL SHAM has organized a technical department to design and produce fixing systems in accordance with international Standards.

    The innovative design and production techniques offer practical and economic solutions to solve every possible problem within the scope of natural stone installation. As a supplier of fixing systems to major projects around the world, AL SHAM STONE has proven its quality and reliability to its clients. The company enjoys serving the sector and works hard to constantly improve and develop its services.

    Design of Natural Stone Fixing System (Mechanical).

    To design and produce products that exactly meet the expectations of our clients and provide them with technical service in order to assist them with their requirements. Our objective is to propose the most secure, economical and easy to use fixing systems to satisfy our clients.

    9.02-Product Range

    AL SHAM STONE started producing fixing systems in 2008. Today, the company has the technical know-how and technology to produce all types of natural stone fixing systems used for ventilated stone facades. Production of a variety of fixing systems such as channels, cast-in channels, masonry support anchors and expansion bolts is also available.

    • Sub channel systems.
    • Cast in channel systems.
    • Framing systems.
    • Masonry support systems.
    • Structural Building components.
    • Expansion bolts.
    • Various construction accessories.

    Standard and customized production is made to meet the special Application requirements. Products are produced from stainless steel and galvanized steel raw material. Stainless Steel Grade (S.S-304) & (S.S-316) and Galvanized mild steel are used in the production of fixing systems.

    Natural Stone Fixing Systems – Overview

    Fixing systems need to accommodate all types of backing walls whether they are concrete walls, block work & masonry

    Walls or steel structures. The following points are taken into consideration when designing a fixing system for natural stone installation.

    • Stone dimensions.
    • Cavity structure: projection size and isolation.
    • Application type: horizontal or vertical joint installation.
    • Joint size.
    • Structural wall backing.
    • Height of facade.
    • Relevant dynamic loads such as wind and seismic loads.
    • Design criteria of the project.

    AL SHAM STONE proposes and specially designs fixing systems according to individual projects requirements.