Best Natural Stone in Structure in Dubai

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Along with this Principle, AL SHAM has organized a technical department to design and produce fixing systems in accordance with international Standards.

Best Natural Stone in Architecture in Dubai

AL SHAM STONE GENERAL CONTRACTING L.L.C. has dedicated itself to supplying its clients with easy to Use, secure and economical fixing systems.


Design of Natural Stone
Fixing System (Mechanical).

AL SHAM STONE started producing fixing systems in 2008. Today, the
company has the technical know-how and expertise to produce all types of natural stone fixing systems used for ventilated stone facades.
Production of a variety of fixing systems such as channels, cast-in channels, masonry support anchors and expansion bolts is also available.

Our team of skilled architects and designers are driven by a passionfor creating spaces that inspire and transform.

Our primary goal is to craft and deliver products that surpass our clients’ expectations, accompanied by unparalleled technical service to seamlessly cater to their unique requirements. We are dedicated to presenting innovative and reliable solutions, aiming to offer the most secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly fixing systems. We are committed to provide our clients with optimal solutions that prioritize excellence and efficiency.

Best Natural Stone in Architecture in Dubai

Best Natural Stone in Structure in Dubai

Natural stone fixing systems


Best Natural Stone in Architecture in Dubai

Fixing systems need to accommodate all types of backing walls whether they are concrete walls, block work & masonry

Walls or steel structures. The following points are taken into consideration when designing a fixing system for natural stone installation.

Standard and customized production is made to meet the special Application requirements. Products are produced from stainless steel and galvanized steel raw material. Stainless Steel Grade (S.S-304) & (S.S-316) and Galvanized mild steel are used in the production of fixing systems.

Best Natural Stone in Structure in Dubai

Natural stone fixing systems


Company History

Since its establishment in 2003, the company has experienced robust growth, evolving into a global exemplar in the field of natural stone, specifically marbles and granite, leveraging advanced technology such as CNC stone carving and engraving. Our journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and technological leadership in the industry.

World Wide Business
Our Mission
Vision Of Business

Our business aspires to take a pioneering role in the global natural stone industry,
particularly in the realms of marble, granite, and CNC stone carving/engraving. We aim to be a front-runner, setting industry standards in the UAE and abroad.

Company Vision
Leading Growth
Leading To The Vision

We strive for continual innovation and development across our products, systems, processes, and services. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a satisfied customer base and maintain a motivated and highly qualified staff.

Our Team

Best Natural Stone in Architecture in Dubai

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At AL Sham Stone, we hold a firm belief that every project is distinctive, presenting unique challenges and requirements. The success of each undertaking is intricately linked to the collective capabilities of our dedicated team members. This understanding propels our commitment to a strategic approach wherein we diligently analyze the pivotal success factors for each project. This involves identifying the essential resources and competencies required for optimal execution.

Our methodology extends to the careful assignment of project activities to subject matter experts, ensuring that the right skills are deployed at every stage. A comprehensive system is in place to control and monitor the execution, aligning with the project plan, specifications, scope, budget, and designated timeframe.
Our unwavering dedication to staying abreast of industry advancements and refining our skills is a testament to our commitment to not only meet but surpass our clients’ expectations, establishing a foundation for enduring success.

Best Natural Stone work in Dubai

SHAM STONE is an Emirates International Company & a World leading in the Natural Stone & Marble Sector

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